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Mooiplaas Wine Estate and Private Nature Reserve is situated among the majestic mountains and fertile valleys in the Stellenbosch Winelands, approximately 40km east of Cape Town. Mooiplaas is a historic and traditional working wine farm. The vineyards lie on steep slopes of ancient mineral-rich soils in the Bottelary Hills of Stellenbosch, overlooking Cape Town.

Here Tielman and Louis Roos produce a range of environmentally friendly wines rooted in tradition and artisan techniques that make the most of the unique terroir.


THE Location

Situated in the Bottelary Hills of Stellenbosch, there is a difference of approximately 235 m between the highest and the lowest areas on the estate. From the highest point of the estate (370 m above sea level) one has a panoramic view over the Cape Peninsula, with False Bay to the left and Table Bay to the right.



Mooiplaas Wine Estate & Private Nature Reserve uses an environmentally friendly and biodiversity approach to produce premium quality grapes each year. With the advantage of growing up on the farm and farming since 1980, the viticulturist, Tielman Roos, knows every intimate detail of the estate and the terroir.One of the most striking features of Mooiplaas is the uneven terrain, from the meadows on the valley floor to the watershed on top of the hills. These topographical contrasts result in interesting differences in the microclimate. The different slopes and varying heights are the most important factors to consider when Tielman takes that first critical decision: the combination of cultivar and rootstock for each terroir. Cape Granite, the mother material of the soils on the estate, is prominently displayed as outcrops and domes along the hills. It is the weathering of this volcanic rock that gives rise to the soil on the farm.Mooiplaas covers an area of 243 hectares, of which approximately 100 hectares are planted with vineyards and 70 hectares are dedicated to the Mooiplaas Private Nature Reserve.



When it comes to winemaking, our cellar master, Louis Roos, is a true purist. He uses a range of classic and traditional winemaking processes to produce  wines, such as wild yeast, natural fermentation, light filtration and maturation in small oak barrels.

“To produce premium wines you have to follow the ‘classic’ approach,” says Louis.“Use the best grapes from the best vineyards with minimal interference during the winemaking process. That will give you wines that are distinctive and expressive of place and vintage.” 

They believe that wine should be authentic, elegant, well balanced and structured while showing its vibrance and fullness of flavor. It must add joy to life!

Stellenbosch Wine Region


Stellenbosch is located within the Coastal Region in South Africa’s Western Cape province. With over two hundred wine farms and high quality estates, it is perhaps the most prestigious of the country’s wine regions.

Established in 1679 by the Dutch governor of the Cape Colony of the Dutch East India Company, Simon van der Stel, the town of Stellenbosch is the second oldest in the country. Surrounded by mountains and vineyard lined hills, coupled with it’s Cape Dutch architecture, it is considered to be one of the most picturesque and historically preserved towns in the country.

The winning combination of its Mediterranean climate, a warm, dry growing season and a rich variety of soils and locations – the essential ingredients for high quality grape varietals to flourish – make Stellenbosch an ideal wine growing region, demonstrated by the quality wines that are produced there and the worldwide recognition they receive.

Some of the most popular white varietals in the Stellenbosch region are Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Semillon. Cabernet Sauvignon is the favorite red grape, along with Shiraz, Merlot and Pinotage, the national grape.